ABC GROUP INVESTMENTS offers a multitude of flexible products which are specifically tailored to meet your exact business needs with the sole purpose of enhancing your company’s value based outcomes of growth, profits and sustainability.

ABC GROUP INVESTMENTS can finance virtually any type of assets such as:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • ICT
  • POS
  • ATM’s
  • Plant machinery
  • Material handling

Flexibility in being able to provide various forms of finance products and solutions positions ABC GROUP INVESTMENTS as your perfect partner in unlocking benefits through operating capital. The various forms of finance structures are:


Operating Leases


Our strength lies in our in-house credit, administration, finance and legal expertise and capabilities, always analysing, researching and understanding the intimate requirements of businesses within their various industries and sectors of focus.

To this end, ABC GROUP INVESTMENTS compiles an appropriate credit proposal to the financial institutions highlighting the holistic opportunity, projected profitability, strengths, industry and sector trends and possible risks

We specifically focus on exponentially maximising the possibility of having the client’s credit application approved via our proactive determination to support the business requirements of all our clients.

Operating Lease / Rental finance provides clients with uninterrupted use of the asset, rather than ownership of the asset. The client has the option to continue the use of the equipment, take ownership of the asset or return the asset back to the bank at the end of the finance term, subject to certain terms and conditions.


  • Interest rates are either linked to Prime or fixed for a period
  • VAT is not capitalised and does not form part of the original debt.
  • VAT is paid on the value of each month’s rental payment
  • Residual Values (RV) may be negotiated to avoid having to pay the full amount over the agreed rental period. These RVs may or may not be “guaranteed” by the bank
  • All assets rented must be comprehensively insured during the term of the agreement
  • Repayment periods range from 6 to 60 months for tax-based customers and companies
  • There is no minimum deposit required for tax-based customers
  • Interest rates are either linked to Prime or fixed for a period
  • VAT is charged on the purchase price
  • Comprehensive insurance is a must for the term of finance


  • Reduces monthly payments
  • Clients are able to enjoy the usage of expensive equipment
  • Ownership of the equipment does not pass to the client at the end of the rental term. Ownership can be negotiated on or before final rental payment.
  • The repayment period can be structured to suit the needs of the client
  • Monthly payments are tax deductible
  • Full write-off can be achieved
  • Equipment disposal is no longer an issue or an expense
  • Cash flow certainty for the full duration of your finance agreement
  • All hardware, software, maintenance and insurance can be covered by a single premium, which is treated and accounted for as an operating expense
  • Rental/lease payments can be allocated to individual assets so the individual operating divisions that physically utilise the equipment recognize their cost of usage
  • A rental/lease solution allows customers to redirect their capital to income-generating assets rather than assets that depreciate in value quickly, whilst at the same time spreading the cost of the rented/leased equipment and/or software over its useful life
  • Under your rental/lease plan you make known payments for all equipment and/or software, with the added flexibility of upgrading or changing your assets during the term of your rental/lease agreement without penalty.
  • You eliminate the risk of technology obsolescence and avoid the cost of ownership and disposal
  • The rental/lease caters for upgrades during the term or at the termination date
  • A packaged rental/lease solution allows you to rent/lease what you want from your preferred supplier.
  • You can choose between different financing options

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