About the Company

With a legacy spanning over two decades, ABC CARGO stands as the embodiment of excellence in the global logistics. Leveraging extensive experience and keen insight into dynamic logistics markets, we proudly position ourselves as the leading provider of unparalleled, bespoke international trading solutions. These solutions are meticulously tailored to align precisely with the distinctive demands and requirements of our esteemed multinational clientele.


Beyond global recognition, ABC CARGO commands a formidable presence with strategically positioned service hubs and expansive warehouses in major South African cities. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we relentlessly pursue optimal efficiency across all operations demonstrating our unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse client needs with precision.

Choosing ABC CARGO grants access to a global network that includes industry leaders in SEA, AIR, and ROAD transportation. Our team of seasoned logistics experts collaborates closely with clients, engaging in meticulous route planning to guarantee superior service delivery at competitive rates and reduced transit times.


At ABC CARGO, our commitment extends to delivering the best customizable service, strict adherence to delivery timelines, and an unparalleled dedication to safety. Our comprehensive turnkey solution encompasses door-to-door service, DDP, and collection and payment financial services.


Furthermore, we maintain close working relationships with shipping giants such as CMA, Maersk, and Cosco, enhancing our capacity to provide seamless and reliable logistics solutions.’


From the strategic planning to real-time tracking and final delivery, ABC CARGO ensures a seamless and highly professional experience throughout the entire logistics process. Partner with ABC CARGO for strength, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in global logistics.

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