Our Company Mission

To foster sustainable growth within emerging industries, we are committed to creating unique and innovative business strategies that challenge established norms and redefine the traditional frameworks of conducting business.

Who we are

Founded in 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa, ABC Group has transformed into a diversified integrated company, seamlessly incorporating real estate, comprehensive logistics, agriculture, renewable energy, minerals, and more. With a current workforce exceeding 1,500 employees, the group is firmly dedicated to fostering collaboration between South Africa and China.


ABC Group firmly believes that achieving pre-eminence in our chosen industries requires an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and a disruptive approach to traditional industry paradigms. Guided by this visionary ethos, we consistently explore opportunities in diverse industry sectors, crafting distinct strategies to capture and assert dominance. Our steadfast pursuit of excellence propels ABC Group toward a future where pioneering methodologies redefine industry standards. Welcome to a journey of innovation, excellence, and industry leadership with ABC Group.

Our Company Vision

At the core of our corporate vision is the pursuit of recognition as an innovative entity driving economic growth. We are dedicated to passionately embracing novel concepts, actively seeking opportunities to surpass the conventional, all while upholding unwavering ethical standards. Our commitment is to provide significant returns to every stakeholder, embodying an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity.”

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