ABC Group is a subsidiary holding company founded in 2014 deep routed in South Africa with their head office and main base of operation located in the bustling and metropolitan city of Johannesburg. The subsidiary companies under the umbrella of ABC Group are comprised of a widely diversified collection of companies which extends across numerous and various fields and disciplines. Since inception up until present day the company has grown and expanded tremendously with branches in Cape Town and even internationally in Shanghai China. Although the company operates across a wide range of industries the main emphasis currently is on trade both local and international, agricultural produce, research and market development.

  • Healthcare – Hospital operation and funding greenfield
  • Asset Financing – Medical and long-term assets
  • Hospitality – Investing opportunities and restaurants
  • Agriculture – Farming and specialty food stuff for local and international market

Taking a look into our agricultural sector, we have utilized state of the art technology and ultra modern green housing facilities, the only one of its kind in Africa, to produce the best high quality fresh exotic mushrooms for consumption while still being eco friendly. Our company produces and supplies exotic mushrooms mainly to South African market and extends it’s exports up into the far reaches of the other African countries and even some European countries. Our most recent offering in the agricultural market is our asparagus farm, the asparagus produced is of such excellent quality that is always in high demand, even with the farm being the only farm in the country which harvests in winter as well we are still struggling to keep up with the ever rising demand rate.

Another sector we have entered into is the medical field, our recent development of our New Era Health Day Clinic facility amidst the hardships of the Covid 19 Pandemic is an achievement we take a lot of pride in, the Day Clinic, located in the foreshore of the medically innovative and beautiful city of Cape Town comprises of 3 major high tech fully equipped theatres and 30 beds in aesthetically pleasing wards overlooking the harbour for day procedures as well as a radiology department armed with high class medical scanning equipment which takes literally seconds to get crystal clear images. Our company also has a division offering and managing operating lease agreements for many various types of medical equipment required by both well established and upcoming medical facilities.

One of our current and ever evolving departments is our property development and investment division, over the recent years we have completed and managed projects in various sectors within the building and property industry namely dealing with industrial, retail, commercial and residential buildings. Besides developing and building we have also managed a wide portfolio of rental stock ranging from office to warehousing, retail and residential all managed by our in house friendly staff.

Our Values

ABC Group aims to make a difference through deep care for our staff; bringing the best innovations to the public; through learning, participating and understanding all that’s around us.