ABC Group is a conglomerate of businesses each operating in various industries across South Africa. We believe that every sector has the potential to delve into. We currently have strong affiliations in: – Property – Investing, developing, and managing

  • Healthcare – Hospital operation and funding greenfield
  • Asset Financing – Medical and long-term assets
  • Hospitality – Investing opportunities and restaurants
  • Agriculture – Farming and specialty food stuff for local and international market

The story of ABC Group began with ABC Investments in 2013. The chairman with a vision, saw potential in the property market and immediately set out to introduce quality built units to the property sphere. The company grew and extended the range of services offered. Our portfolio extends from Agriculture to food and beverage; asset financing to hospital development.

At ABC Group, we strive for growth and innovation in every sector we participate in. We take pride in our diversity and this speaks volumes regarding our versatility.

Our Values

ABC Group aims to make a difference through deep care for our staff; bringing the best innovations to the public; through learning, participating and understanding all that’s around us.