About the Company

Our Agritech Division stands as a leading exporter and distributor of locally produced agricultural products, with a distinct focus on Lucerne hay, pecan nuts, and cotton. These commodities are disseminated on a large scale, spanning markets across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our unwavering commitment to exporting an extensive product range serves as a testament to our leadership in delivering top-quality agricultural goods on a global scale.


Within our production hub, FREE-E Manufactory, we proudly hold the title of the continent’s premier and exclusive producer of exotic mushrooms and asparagus. This unique distinction establishes us as the sole provider of these premium products in Africa, ensuring complete market coverage in South Africa and reinforcing our industry dominance. Our cutting-edge greenhouse facility in Sasolburg is meticulously designed for the specialized cultivation of exotic mushrooms and asparagus, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to surpass global quality standards. This cornerstone project garners substantial attention and priority from both local government and The National Trade Development, acknowledging its status as a beacon of excellence and innovation at the highest echelons.


Beyond our renowned exotic mushrooms and asparagus, our agricultural distribution extends globally, catering to diverse markets across Africa and Europe. Encounter the epitome of quality, innovation, and excellence through our locally produced exotic mushrooms and asparagus, alongside a spectrum of high-quality South African agricultural products.

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